Male Bull Terriers

Boss Bull Terriers, in Montgomery, Alabama, breeds beautiful English Bull Terriers for sale from the finest bloodlines. The males in particular have all been hand selected for their great temperaments and build.

This breed is known for being very loyal and agile while possessing great strength and what’s necessary for their watch dog capabilities.  They are a mans best friend and the best company you’d ever wanna keep.                                                                                                                                                   We offer some of the most popular colors of English Bull Terrier studs including, red, black and tan, brindle, and white sires, depending on availability.

These little guys will keep you company whenever you want; the breed is loyal and well known for their agility, strength and protective demeanor.  They are also known for being their owner’s best friend.

English Bull Terriers are the most unique, clownish and interesting companions you can have. Browse our available English Bull Terrier puppies and find a new member of your family! Give us a call if you have additional questions about terriers for sale or the breed in general.  We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Boss Bull Terrier Studs

White English bull terrier

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