Bull terrier puppies are highly cute and lovable, a great addition to any home. But before you can consider purchase, it is important to make sure that you are not getting any sick dog that can lead to worries. Some of the most common issues include the following.
• Hereditary nephritis: a severe kidney disease form, it occurs at early age often times. It results from malfunctioning kidney filters or undeveloped, small organs. As a result, the urine contains high protein levels. Average age of living with this disease is 3-8 years.

• Heart disease: heart structure defects or issues related to functionality are common ailment in these dogs. Sometimes, complexities may increase the presence of heart murmur. Based upon the situation your dog may need anything from medication to surgical intervention.

• Deafness: when purchasing bull terrier puppies for sale you need to be sure regarding any absence of hearing issues. If the mother does not have such problems and is more than two years old, then the chances of the puppy being deaf is quite low.

• Skin issues: a wide variety of the bull terrier is quite susceptible to skin diseases. This can be irritations, rashes, or sores. Besides this, they also have proneness to inhalants or contact allergies. Triggering factors can be many such as chemicals, detergents, and allergens like mildew, pollen grains, or dust. Ensure that you are giving the dog a clean and soft bedding.
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