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Boss Bull Terriers is the premier breeder of classic bull terriers in Montgomery, Alabama.  This loyal English breed is well known for its agility, affectionate and protective demeanor, as well as their strength.  For more than a century, English Bull Terriers have enriched the lives of countless households and have been celebrated by professional breeders and casual owners alike.


 Our rigorous breeding policies ensure the finest bloodlines and healthy, exuberant pups.  Male breeders have been selected for temperament and build, and we offer the most popular colors of the breed with Red, Black and Tan, Brindle, and White sires. Studding services are available, and we encourage all interested owners  to visit our contact page to request more information. 


 Please take a moment to view our galleries and get to know our males and females. To learn more about our available English Bull Terrier puppies for sale, Contact Us Today for information.

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White bull terrier


I bought a puppy from James last year, and it has been the greatest, healthiest, happiest puppy I have ever had. I can’t thank you enough for finally giving me the dog I always wanted.

Jane Latshaw

Puppy Purchaser, Locksmith, Indiana

I got to see the actual area the puppies are raised in and this isn’t your average breeder. These puppies are acclimated and sweet. I’m very impressed with the handling

Herald Whitley

Puppy Purchaser, Birmingham, Alabama

I bought this puppy for my son when he graduated from college and they have been inseparable since. Thank you for helping me make him happy in his new phase of life.

Winfrey Jones

Puppy Purchaser, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I always wanted a Boss Bull Terrier ever since I saw one on an episode of Friends in the background, I had to have the perfect one. Thanks for matching me up with my puppy.

Lane Genereoux

Puppy Purchaser, Mobile, Alabama