English Bull Terrier puppies

Teaching your English Bull Terrier puppies to roll over is an impressive trick that is fairly easy to learn if your puppy already knows “down.” Grab a box of treats and help your puppy master the trick of rolling over on command. Here is how to do it:

  1. Start by asking your puppy to get into the “down” position right in front of you.
  2. Once your puppy is down, kneel next to your puppy while holding a small, delicious-smelling treat to the side of their head, in close proximity to their nose.
  3. Slowly move your hand away from their nose, working your way toward their shoulder, resulting in them laying flat on their side. Repeat this a few times, rewarding your puppy with a treat each time they successfully follow the treat, ending up lying down on their side with their head on the floor.
  4. Once they have successfully mastered this part, continue the movement of your hand, still holding a treat, once they are flying flat from their side to the backbone. This should cause them to roll over onto their back. Keep the movement going, until they end on their other side. Once they are able to consistently follow the treat all the way around, add in the verbal cue “Roll Over”.
  5. Gradually, reduce your hand motion and treat, encouraging your puppy to perform the trick with only a verbal cue. Remember to always praise and reward their hard work with a yummy treat!

This easy and fun trick is one that both you and your English bull terrier puppies will enjoy practicing and showing off for others. Remember to always keep their favorite treats nearby to reward, reward, reward.