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For people with furry, four-legged family members, the perfect summer trip may include bringing your pet along. Whether you are looking to travel to purchase bullterriers for sale or are bringing your lifelong buddy on a road trip, it can be a great time if you’re prepared. If you are planning on going on a long road trip, there is more that needs to be considered than just throwing their kennel in the back seat and hitting the road. Here are a few tips for traveling with your pet this summer:

  • Keep Your Pet Safe

The safety of your pet should be your top priority. The best way to keep your pet safe is to invest in a well-ventilated crate or carrier where your pet can sit, stand, turn around, and lie down. This will be your pet’s safe space throughout the trip. This also means that you shouldn’t let your pet ride with their head outside the window, as they could potentially be injured by flying objects.

  • Never Leave Your Pet Alone in a Parked Car

Traveling with a pet can be tough when you don’t have someone to watch your pet while you go to dinner or other places where you can’t take a pet. While you might be tempted to leave your pet in a parked car—don’t do it! A parked car, even with the windows down, can quickly turn into a furnace during the hot summer months. The opposite is true in winter, as a vehicle will act similar to that of a refrigerator, retaining cold temperatures that can have negative health effects.

  • Prepare a Pet Travel Kit

A pet travel kit should include travel papers, vaccination records, food, bowl, leash, pooper scooper, plastic bags, grooming supplies, medication, pet first-aid-kit, and water. In addition, you should also include your pets favorite toy or pillow to provide them with a sense of familiarity. If you are planning on traveling across state lines, you are going to need to have a copy of your pet’s rabies vaccination record as some states will require proof at intrastate crossings.

  • Make Sure Your Pet Has Identification

Microchipping can help you locate your pet if they get lost while on your trip. Also, before you leave make sure that your pet is sporting a collar with a dog tag that is imprinted with your home address, cell phone number, and other contact information. This will help to ensure that if the unfortunate does happen, your pet can quickly and safely be returned to you.

Traveling with your pet is can be fun when you’re prepared. Whether you are going on a trip with bullterriers for sale or are taking your trusty companion, summers are meant for vacations and making memories with your pet!