bull terrier breeder with little white puppy

As summer weather quickly approaches, it is imperative that you remember your puppy is susceptible to injuries and illness related to hot temperatures, just like you. Some of these heat-related problems include: heat stroke, sunburn and foot pad burns. The most serious condition to be aware of is heat stroke, as it can lead to organ failure, seizures, brain damage, hemorrhages, blindness, convulsions or death.

Heat exhaustion is generally the earliest stages of overheating. At first signs, take immediate action to cool down your puppy to prevent a deadly heat stroke. Symptoms to watch for include: diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, rapid panting and skin inside the ears reddening. Take your puppy to a cool area, such as a basement or in front of a fan, offer freshwater or dampen the skin with lukewarm water and allow for it to air-dry.

Here are a few things that you can do to prevent heat stroke in your puppy, brought to you by your friendly bull terrier breeder:

  1. When the temperature is high, do not allow your puppy to linger on hot surfaces, such as asphalt or cement. Because puppies are close to the ground, the ground can heat their bodies quickly while burning their sensitive paw pads. Keep summer walks to a minimum during peak hours of the day.
  2. Give your puppy a summer haircut. Don’t shave your puppy down to the skin, as they need a one-inch layer of fur to protect their skin from getting sunburned. Having less fur can help to prevent your puppy from overheating when they spend time outside.
  3. Be sure that your puppy has access to fresh water at all times. Dogs that are outside need to have access to plenty of shade and cool water.
  4. Minimize your puppy’s exercise during excessive temperatures. Also, be sure to avoid muzzling your puppy when it’s warm, because this inhibits their ability to pant and cool themselves off.
  5. Allow your puppy to enjoy playing in water, swimming, splashing in a wading pool or playing in the sprinklers, as this can help bring their body temperatures down to a healthy level.
  6. Never leave your puppy in a parked car. While you might be tempted to park in the shade while you run inside for a few minutes, don’t do it! Temperatures inside cars can quickly reach oven-like temperatures exceeding 140 degrees in minutes.

If you suspect your puppy is suffering from heat stroke, you’ll need to take immediate action to save their life. Take your puppy to a cool area and wet them thoroughly with room temperature water while increasing air movement around them. Don’t use icy or exceptionally cold water, as it can cause other life-threatening conditions. Make sure your puppy has access to plenty of water, but don’t force them to drink.

After bringing your new puppy home from the bull terrier breeder, be smart about how much exposure you allow your puppy to have to extreme summer heat. Your puppy will take care of you, which is why it is your responsibility to return the favor and watch out for them! At Boss Bull Terriers, we love sending our beautiful English bull terrier puppies to caring homes with kind and loving owners.