Getting a new puppy can be exciting as you welcome the pet into your home. Unfortunately, the pup can also come with plenty of messes as it spends time in the house. When you’re ready to potty train your white bull terrier, there are a few important steps to take to ensure that you are successful.

Create a Defined Space

According to experts, creating a defined space where the dog can spend time outside will allow them to learn where to do their business until they have the freedom to roam more in the yard. Schedule when the dog eats during the day and prevent it from snacking on food in between meals. There should also be a set schedule for bathroom breaks to ensure that they learn when they can freely pee or poop in the designated area.

Use Treats

Using a reward system to give your dog praise each time they use the bathroom outside can be an excellent method for promoting good behavior. Consider using small dog treats that are healthy and won’t lead to weight gain. You can also reward the dog with a short walk or a bit of fun time with their favorite toy.

Keep the Area Clean

It’s essential to keep the area clean where the puppy uses the restroom to prevent them from wanting to stay away from the space. You’ll also want to clean and deodorize areas where the dog has accidents to prevent them from associating the space with going to the bathroom.

Make Use of Pads

Puppies prefer to go potty on carpet due to the soft texture of the material. You can take advantage of this tendency by using bathroom pads when potty training your pet. Allow the white bull terrier to go pee or poop on the pad and move it closer to the backyard to ensure that they get used to going outside. Going outside of the door will trigger their behavior and allow them to associate using the bathroom with the outdoors rather than the interior of your home.

Boss Bull Terriers knows that potty training a new pup can be tricky, but there are ways to make it smooth and successful as you teach your dog a new habit. With the right tools and practices in place, you can enjoy getting to know your new pet and preventing them from having accidents.